The Agency

July 5, 2008

The Agency represents writers for film, television, radio and the theatre. Also represents directors, producers and composers; children’s authors and illustrators; and film and television rights in books.

Please visit their site for complete informations.



  1. I live in Nigeria and I have written three movie story ideas I want to sell and I need an agent.can you be of assistance to me in anyway.

  2. My dear sir, this blog has at the moment several links to literary management companies or movie producers. Visit their websites, read each and everyone’s submission guidelines and send your query letters.

    I wish you all the best in finding the best person for your need.

  3. Hello

    Do you accept tv game shows, scripts, synopses.

  4. Hi,

    Right on the heels of the Slumdog mania, we have a screenplay titled “The Sixty-Fifth Art” – a romantic comedy on the Kamasutra (PG-13). It is an original screenplay.

    LaPadura and Hart casting (Heroes, High School Musical 3) love the script and are highly interested in coming on board.

    The Kamasutra is one of the world’s best-known yet least-understood texts. But it is surely a subject of
    intrigue for many. This film is a comedic outlet for that bottled up curiosity. At a deeper level, the film is
    a coming of age story of a young woman who must choose between freedom and much needed fortune.

    A young woman secretly seeks lessons on the Sixty-Four arts of the Kama Sutra from a celibate
    Indian Brahmin in order to win over an affluent Casanova. As the lessons progress, the only thing more
    tangled than their bodies are their growing feelings toward each other.

    I have attached the script to this email.

    Please select me know if this project is of interest to you.


    Neeta Mittal
    310-643-0399 (M) / 408-250-0551 (O)
     Be Green: Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary.

    CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION: E-mails from Live-area LLC and all connected and involved with the company are normally confidential and privileged material, and are for the sole use of the intended recipient. Use or distribution by an unintended recipient is prohibited, and may be a violation of law. If you believe that you received this e-mail in error, please do not read this e-mail or any attached items. Please delete the e-mail and all attachments, including any copies thereof, and inform the sender that you have deleted the e-mail, all attachments and any copies thereof. Thank you.

  5. pls i despretely need to sell my screenplay named SEEEN the chronicles of zodiac, by the way i live in nigeria pls help me with a producer or a buyer thanks

  6. pls i despretely need to sell my screenplay named SEEEN the chronicles of zodiac, by the way i live in nigeria pls help me with a producer or a buyer thanks less i forget my movie that am writing about is more of action, to cut it short lets say spy

    by Felix Timothy


    A recently-developed nuclear software is stolen, people with information start getting killed, two men on the run are asked by the President to trace, steal it back and expose the culprits.

    For more details email: fel_tim@yahoo.com

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