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July 5, 2008

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  1. Do you accept Screenplays?

  2. Hi,

    Right on the heels of the Slumdog mania, we have a screenplay titled “The Sixty-Fifth Art” – a romantic comedy on the Kamasutra (PG-13). It is an original screenplay.

    Title: The Sixty-Fifth Art
    Product: Feature Film
    Genre: Romantic Comedy (Period Feature)
    Length: 80-100 minutes
    Language: English (some Hindi with subtitles)

    The Kamasutra is one of the world’s best-known yet least-understood texts. But it is surely a subject of
    intrigue for many. This film is a comedic outlet for that bottled up curiosity. At a deeper level, the film is
    a coming of age story of a young woman who must choose between freedom and much needed fortune.

    A young Victorian woman secretly seeks lessons on the Sixty-Four arts of the Kama Sutra from a celibate
    Indian Brahmin in order to win over an affluent Casanova. As the lessons progress, the only thing more
    tangled than their bodies are their growing feelings toward each other.

    I have attached the script to this email.

    Please select me know if this project is of interest to you.


    Neeta Mittal
    310-643-0399 (M) / 408-250-0551 (O)

  3. Dear Sir:

    Though not easily, the music industry is surviving a difficult time of lack of sales and even lack of true talent.

    It takes time to develop an artist into world class profit making talent that must be represented.

    I’ve recorded three EP records that have earned me interest from major labels like Universal Records, Warner Music Group, and Sony/BMG, and I am in the process of completing my first full CD for those companies to acquire and release to the public.

    I wrote a collection of essays and poetry entitled “Shades of Cool” that Trident Media edited and completed artwork for without a book publishing.

    I also wrote 2 screenplays and 2 television pilots capturing contemporary intrespective recognizable themes for which script consultants have given me their approval of the first drafts:

    Screenplay Logline: Midwestern small town girl makes it big globally as adult entertainment superstar and lingerie designer.

    Screenplay Logline: Korean couple moves to America in pursuit of the American dream.

    Pilot Logline: Television news anchoress moves to New York to become talk show hostess.

    Pilot Logline: Adult film stars discusses sex and love on radio talk show with Los Angeles residents.

    I know that an attorney can get me reviewed quicker.

    Please use this letter as a means to assess the possibility of representation for this artist.


    Chris Harbem
    1450 E. Harmon Ave. #111A
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

  4. I have just self-published a religious fiction novel titled Almost Home through Xulon Press, and am very much interested in the possibility of having it film-produced. Your representation of this book for that purpose would be very much appreciated. I am also interested in whatever other services you might be able to provide me, since I have retained all rights. I have a JPEG 300dpi author photo available upon request. Thank you for any consideration you may give me, and I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, James M. Sides (“Jim”) (jimbo61@cox.net; 2548 Vineville Ave., Macon, GA 31204; H: 478-257-6282; C: 478-213-6165)

  5. If I have one claim to fame, it is that I am the artist who created the original paint by number concept way back in 1950. My book, ” Whatever Happened to Paint by Number?” is a humorous account of what it took to bring a simple idea from near failure to a national craze, with millions painting by the numbers and enjoying it. Over 330 illustrated pages and other nostalgic memorabilia from those “good old days.” Can you refer me to a screen writer who can create a film adaptation based on my book?

  6. Hello,
    I have finished a full length screenplay; the story is about a young girl from New York that is dating an older man, this man has invited her to spend a week vacation with his family in California. She accepts the invitation not knowing that her soon to be brother in law is her ex boyfriend who used to hit her. it’s a suspense story, probably pg 13 due to nudity and erotic scenes.

    This is the first time I seek representation in the United States, I have written screenplays for South American film makers but as a free lance writer.

    Thank you for your time, have a great day.

    Andrei Torres

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